Friday, November 23, 2007

A Week in Review

Wow! It's been crazy busy around here!
We have been livin' life to the are a few highlights.
First of all, we went here. Kaylee and Jake weren't that into it, but Mom loved it!
We made it through one maze (it took 40 minutes!), rode the hayride and the barrel train.
Here are a few pictures with the highlights.
Snugglin' with Bubba on the cold hayride.

Barrel Train Ride

A few days later, Bubba and Kaylee were relaxing on the couch. Kaylee's new thing is to drag these small blankets around. My mother made these for my nieces and Kaylee got them as hand-me-downs. She loves them and now takes one everywhere.

Laying with Bubba and my blankie.

Kaylee has been working with her PT on getting her gait to straighten out. I often try to explain her walk to people and the best I can do is to say that she looks like a vehicle that needs an alignment. She is quite heavy on the left. It is getting better, though.

Kaylee had her first American Thanksgiving yesterday. I think her favorite was the pumpkin pie with whipped cream! I am so thankful that we had our girl for this Thanksgiving! After having 2 with her in our hearts, but not our arms, we were ready for her to share the day with us!

My First Thanksgiving! Yum-o!

I think that catches you up! Thanks for checking in!

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Mob said...

Must be so nice for you to have Kaylee home to share the holidays. I can tell you like Rachael Ray too --- Yum-O

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