Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thought Any More About It?

Before National Adoption Month came to a close for another year, I wanted to see if you had thought any more about it.

I know it is a big step. I know it comes with many stereo-types. I know it is scary. I know it isn't an easy decision. I know...

Please take a deep breath. Sit. Pray. If this thought has been tugging at your heart, stop long enough to see if this option is for you.

I have heard many people say, '...but I want my own kids.' These are your kids. Honestly, I have one born from my womb and one born in my heart...I love them both with all my heart. An adopted child will bond to you just like a biological child will.

Adoption is a gift...for the child...for the family...BOTH families.

After all, how can you refuse a face like this?

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1 comment:

Mob said...

Great Post!I have two, too! Just like you, one from my womb and one from my heart. You are so right. There is NO difference is how I feel about either one of them.

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