Monday, November 26, 2007

O Holy Night!!

The other day, I took my usual nap and when I awoke, there was a HUGE transformation in the house! I came down from my room and there were these 2 huge trees in our house with sparkly things all over them! Wow!

Then, the next day, I came down from nap and there were these cute lit up cottages in the living room.

Everything is so pretty.

Mommy says I can't touch, but I sneak every now and then when I think she isn't looking.

Then today, she dressed me up in these fancy dresses (I have 2 because they were such a bargain and my Meem couldn't decide which one was prettier). I have some pretty shoes also, but Mom couldn't get my feet in them without tights, of which we have none. I sure hope Mommy gets that remedied by Christmas!

Check me out!

Love, Kaylee

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