Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Telling Cammie's Parents

February 6, 2005
Cammie's parents invited us to go to lunch after church today. We finally got to talk to them about the adoption idea. Jake went to the restroom and so we got to tell them our thoughts. Cammie's mother was SO EXCITED about the idea. Again, I was shocked...again, I thought they would think we were out of our minds.

David and I did a bit more talking today. We do not think we can wait until July to start the process. It takes so long as it is that adding 5 more months to the process is crazy.

We also found out at church today that there is another couple starting the process. They are also using GWCA. We are all going to a meeting this Thursday, put on by GWCA, in order to get more information and get more questions answered.

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