Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Making Decisions

January 19, 2005
We have decided that we want an international adoption. We will not post those reasons here, but if you are interested, give us a call and we will discuss it. We have requested some information packets from various adoption agencies, mainly Great Wall China Adoptions and America World. We have some friends from church that adopted thru GWCA and I heard about America World on K-Love, it is the agency that Stephen Curtis Chapman used to bring his 3 daughters home.

Many people have helped us answer the many questions that come with adopting...Rich and Cheryl Gochis are our friends from church that used GWCA and they have been a huge help. We have also talked with a guy from David's company that adopted from China. He asked us a few thought-provoking questions...1. How much money can you spend on adoption?, 2. Do you care if your family looks 'the same'?, 3. How often can you travel to get your child?, 4. Do you want a boy or a girl? Some of these questions were easier to answer than others. We decided that God has the perfect child for will not matter how often we have to travel or how much money we have to spend. God will provide what is needed in order to accomplish His work!

January 21, 2005
Today we watched the video from GWCA. We think this is the agency we will use...although we will do a bit more research.

January 23, 2005
We decided to start the process in July. We need to wait and save some money before we start.

January 26, 2005
Today I went to a baby shower at Cheryl Gochis' house. I met her daughter from China. When I saw her, I was overcome with emotion. I stood in her kitchen and cried! I could not talk, I could not move! I knew immediatly that we were to adopt a little girl from China. I came home and told David my feelings...we are now on a 'slow boat to China' if you will.

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