Wednesday, July 19, 2006

GWCA workshop

February 11, 2005
Last night we went to the meeting administered by GWCA. It was very informative! They explained how the process works, how to do the paperwork, how a homestudy works, travelling to China and so on. We met 2 families that recently adopted from China. They shared their experiences and showed off their children. How great!

We decided a few days ago to share our thoughts with Jake. His comment was, 'I agree that we should adopt a sister and that she should look like us.' We decided to take him to this meeting so he could see what we were thinking...and that our sister would not look like us. He played very well with the daughter of the presenter. During the meeting, he came up to me and said, very loudly, 'I wish I could have a sister like that!' That made everyone laugh!

After the meeting, we went out to eat. Jake talked about 'his sister' all during dinner.

Tonight we are going to H&R Block to do our taxes. This money will help us start the process.

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