Sunday, April 26, 2009

Come To My E-Party!

UPDATE: My E-Party ends Wednesday, May 6th in the evening. I would love to max out the Adoption Love Meter on my E-Party page. Please consider purchasing some great clothes for your little one and support adoption!

Remember not so long ago when I introduced you to a great company?

Well, I love them so much that I decided I would help them on a new E-Party!

What is an E-Party, you ask? Well, it is much like any party that an at-home business know the ones...send out invitations, make some food, clean your house, have the business person come over and talk about her product and get product credit based on what your guests purchase...EXCEPT, I didn't have to cook or clean and people didn't have to take time out of their busy schedules to come over and spend a few hours! How great is that? All I had to do was provide the company some email addresses, write a few blog posts, let my friends get on their computers and purchase some great products and...VIOLA! It's a party!

So, if you enjoy their products and would like to be a part of my E-Party (or better yet, host your own!) just come! You can crash my party!

Let's Party!

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