Monday, June 02, 2008

Once Upon A Potty...

For sometime, my daughter has been interested in the potty. When mommy goes to the potty, Kaylee wants to pee-pee on the potty, too. She fusses until I sit her on the potty (with diaper and clothes still on) and she gets to 'pee-pee'. Since she is very interested, I decided it was time to try...

I don't know how successful we will be, because, in my opinion, she is a bit young, but I thought I couldn't let her interest go without trying.

I'm sure getting to pee-pee on an Elmo potty and then listen to him for a bit of encouragement will help motivate her!

UPDATE: We have had the potty 4 days and Kaylee has pee-pee'd in it 4 times! She begs me to take off her diaper so she can go sit on the potty! About 1/2 the time, she is successful! This may be easier than I thought :) !

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