Friday, May 23, 2008

First Haircut

I took Kaylee to get her first haircut yesterday.

An old friend moved back to town...she did my wedding hair, she shaved Jake's head for his surgery, she gave Jake his first official haircut, she did my hair for years...get the point? So, she isn't officially working, but I talked her into giving Kaylee her first haircut.

I loaded up my kids and drove to her house and when I got there, she saw Kaylee, played with her curls and said, "I wouldn't cut her hair for all the world!" She said that Kaylee wasn't ready for a haircut. She said that if I cut her hair now, that I would regret it. So...

We cut off the little uneven whispy parts of her hair, but that was it!

Kaylee did really well. Actually looked cute in the cape.

Check it out!

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