Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Virus

Well, Monday night, Kaylee was running a fever of 102.6. She and Mommy had a sleepless night on the futon together! We hurried to the doctor Tuesday morning. Our new pediatrician (remember this) did a bunch of throat=strep test, negative...diarrhea=urine test (yes, they had to extract the urine!), negative for UTI...but we will send it to the lab just to make sure! So, after much medical jargon and his talking-so-fast-that-my-ears-hurt, we left his office with 'a virus'!

I HATE 'a virus'.

It basically means, 'Watch my child suffer and do nothing about it'.

Now, the fever is over and she is covered in a rash (another symptom of a virus, in case you were unaware - rash after fever).

So...we must be about to end this sickness!

Good timing, because we are going here next week.

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Don and Lisa Osborn said...


Hope Kaylee got over her sickness and that you had a great time in NM. Lindy experienced something similar this weekend. Still don't know if it was a virus or allergic reaction.

It is miserable watching them suffer...

Hope she's better now and no one else got it.

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