Monday, August 13, 2007


Well, today was PT, OT day. We are still doing this twice a day...but now, we have been released by our OT.

When she came today, we reviewed our origanal goals for Kaylee. As best as I remember, they were:
1. Fine Motor Skills, specifically pincher grasp.
2. Take things to her mouth, specifically finger food.
3. Touch a variety of textures in order to begin feeding herself.
4. Drink from a sippy cup.
5. Work on muscle reactions with deep massages, etc. in order to keep her from being so skiddish.

Well, as we reviewed these items and now that Kaylee is picking up finger foods(the last goal we had to accomplish), we had to be released. She has successfully accomplished all these tasks! :) This makes me happy, but at the same time, a little sad...I really got attached to her occupational therapist. Many thanks to Easter Seals and ECI for bringing my sweet girl so far.

Tomorrow Kaylee has another well child check up. This should catch her up on all of her vaccinations...this has been a long process! This will also be our last visit with this pediatrician as he is retiring at the end of August. This also causes some sadness...we LOVE Dr. Font. He is the doctor that found Jake's birth defect and put us in touch with our great team of doctors who performed his surgeries. We know God has a perfect pediatrician for us, I will just need to start 'shopping'.

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