Friday, October 26, 2007

She's a Walker!

I would officially call Kaylee a walker. She now walks more than crawls. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen her crawl in about a week!

The physical therapist is still visiting weekly because Kaylee's walk is quite lop-sided. She tends to turn her whole body slightly to the left and walk predominatly with her left side and let her right side follow.

She would still prefer that I carry her. As a matter of fact, Wednesday night we were at church and I wanted her to walk from the Fellowship Hall to the Nursery. Well, I'll be! If she didn't have a HUGE wall-eyed fit right in the middle of the Fellowship Hall! I mean, a screaming, lay on belly, kick feet and beat fists on the floor fit! All because she wanted me to carry her. I finally got her to walk, although screaming all the way!

It's amazing how many parenting tips one receives when her child is having a fit at church!

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