Friday, December 22, 2006


Hello all!

Yesterday we went to the mall to shop for the baby. This was quite an experience! We went to a large department store to buy what we needed. As you shop, you go from department to department and tell them (or in our case, show them) what you want. They then write the items and the prices on a ticket, you take these tickets to a cashier stand and pay, then you return to each department with your tickets marked 'paid' and pick up the items. I am guessing there must have been a problem with shop lifting...what do you think? The local people were quite taken by Jake. We heard a few times that he was beautiful. The ladies in the grocery store were teasing us that they were going to steal him. He was a bit embarrassed by it all.

After the shopping experience, we came to the hotel to relax awhile, then headed out for our surprise. The surprise was dinner and a bit of a show at a Tibetian restaurant. It was the best meal we have had since we have been here. The interesting thing for our family is that we think we may have met Kaylee's people (We have heard from the start that she is probably not 'pure
Chinese'). When we walked in and sat down, she was enthrawled with these people...and they were enthrawled with her. They wanted to hold her, take pictures with her and dance with her. I think she looks much like the waitress that served us...What do you think? After dinner, they performed some traditional songs and dances for us. They asked some of us to dance and after much persuasion, Jake did! They also presented the babies with a birthday cake. Most of the babies will turn one in December or January. It was a great evening!

This morning, we visited a local park and zoo. Remember, it is about 19 degrees here!!!! BRRRRR!!!!! It was a good experience, though. Kaylee is the one under the pink blanket...sleeping her way through the zoo! Yes, Jake is the one riding a camel! It only cost 50 cents for him to do that! Notice the spitting sign, It loses something in the translation!

Enjoy the pictures. More later!

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