Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Better Times in Lanzhou

Here are some good things that are happening in China...the Cival affairs office...where we made the adoption and her name change official, my boys trying Chinese noodles, and big brother feeding little sister!

Kaylee is adjusting well. She is eating alot, drinking alot of formula and doing well in that area. The sleep is not going so well, though. Her paperwork said that she sleeps thru the night, but so far that hasn't happened. Last night, she went down at 830 and slept until 3, then she went back to sleep at 430 and then woke up at 8pm. I know that is not bad, just wish we could not wake for that hour and a half. Tonite, we will try to not put her down until nine and see if we can make it thru the night! We were told that tonite we have a 'surprise'. We will inform you of that as soon as we can!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love these pics! I've been praying for you and can't wait for you all to get home! Love to you all,

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