Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Paperwork and Quilt update

June 11, 2006
We received our fingerprint notice for the I600A. We went today to get this done. Again, a pretty easy process. It was all computerized. No ink, no mess, just touch a computer screen!
We have received 12 donations for the quilt. I am going to extend the deadline so we can get closer to 100. I want it to be a true Bai Jai Bei...with 100 families!

June 30, 2005
We are still waiting on our I600A. It should be here soon. We were told 2-3 weeks after fingerprinting and this coming Saturday will be 3 weeks.
We now have 45 people who have contributed to the quilt. I have been working on a design and cutting what I have to make squares. I have also decided to make a large quilt for the wall and a small quilt for Kaylee to carry around and sleep with. I am so excited about this project!

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