Friday, August 31, 2012

Stop the World...I Want Off!

It has been such a long time since I have written a real post on this blog!  In my off time, a lot has happened in the life of our girl!

She breezed thru Kindergarten last year!  There were so many times that she would come home from Kinder and say things like, 'Those popcorn words are so stupid!'  While her class was reading words like 'it', 'the' and 'in', she was at home reading Junie B Jones and American Girl chapter books.  

Now, we knew she would be more advanced than a regular Kindergarten class so we worked very hard to get her into a Dual Language class.  However, due to not enough numbers, she was not accepted.  

However, for first grade, she was accepted into the Dual Language program.  This made a school change necessary this year but we thought that in order to cure the boredom, this would be a positive change.  Then, just to throw a wrench into everything, her new school is just that...a new school...and it is not finished being built yet!  So, she is starting the year in a different building than will be her final home, although they are acting as their own entity.  

Kaylee has handled the changes quite well!  She is a bit more challenged and we feel that this will be a great asset to her learning.  Pretty soon she will be coming home speaking entirely in Spanish and we will need a translator to understand her!


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