Thursday, November 26, 2009

What We Are Thankful For...

We went to the hematologist last week...just a regular check-up.

He came back with the dreaded pink paper...the one with 'the numbers'. This time, it read 204,000!!! That's CRAZY! We have NEVER been in the 200s!

After a bit of bantering back and forth, he said, 'I think we are done'.

'You mean, DONE, done?'

'Yes, I think we are chasing our tails. Her last 5 appointments have been FABULOUS and she hasn't had steroids in almost a year. I think she has outgrown this. You know what signs to look for and when you might need to call me, but I think we are done'.

'Fabulous! and not to be rude, but I hope to ever see you again!'

So, it looks like my girl might have outgrown her ITP. He told us in the beginning that 85% of kids outgrow this condition, just never thought we would be one of the 85%!

Praise and Glory to the Great Physician!

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