Thursday, August 13, 2009

Please Pray...and Call

I cannot imagine what this family is going thru...

They went to China to adopt their child. They get there and find out that she has tested positive for TB. The CDC adopted a new law on July 1, 2009 that will not allow her to come to America until she tests positive. So, they have had to leave her in China and return to their other child, home and jobs.

Please read their story and make the appropriate calls.

I cannot imagine having to leave your child there once you have gone and bonded...heartbreaking!

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Jenn said...

Hey Cammie!

It has been a long time since I've been to your blog! And I don't think I ever knew we were near each other! Yes...let's keep in touch and see if we can't go to lunch someday after the school year settles. I got your comment on my blog, but for security reasons I won't publish it--since you stated where your son will be at school. :)

I don't see an email link (I could have missed it) so email me when you get the chance!


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