Sunday, April 05, 2009

2nd Annual Birthday Tea

I stole the idea from PandaMom last year.

I am making a tradition of taking Kaylee for birthday tea every year. We choose someone special to go with us...someone who played a role in her adoption or understands the importance of adoption.

This year, we took our good friends, The Winebergs.

This precious family truly understands adoption. You see, the mom had cancer in her lymph nodes at the age of 24. She went through radiation treatments that, for lack of a better term, fried her insides. She thinks now that she was OVER radiated. So, needless to say, she and her husband had to adopt. And that they did...3 times. Each one of these precious children is adopted. 3 different birth moms, 3 different adoptions makes one great family!

We love this family and we love that they joined us for our 2nd annual birthday tea!

The guest also chooses a teacup that I purchase and put in Kaylee's room.

Here is the cup that was chosen for Kaylee by these beautiful guests...

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