Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Med She Can't Have

Last week, Kaylee complained that it hurt to go pee-pee. So, I took her to the doctor. She has a UTI and was given an anti-biotic.

Yesterday, I noticed a little welt and redness on Kaylee's cheek. Then, a while later, that cheek was cleared up and then the other was broken out...then, back to the other cheek. This happened on and off last night and most of the day today. So, I took Kaylee to the urgent care clinic.

After 3 hours in the place, we saw the Dr. (who is the father of one of my former 2nd graders - that 2nd grader is now a senior at A&M). The Dr confirmed my suspicion...she is allergic to her antibiotic!

I am going to need a book in order to write down the medicines that this girl CANNOT have!

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