Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thankful for MDO

If you read this post, you know that we had a petechia issue this week.

What you don't know is how thankful I am for Kaylee's Mother's Day Out teacher...

When I dropped Kaylee off at MDO on Tuesday, I took her in and let her teacher know that the rash on her neck was not contagious but that it was from her blood disorder. The teacher stated, 'Oh, it's petechia?' I know I must have given her the strangest look, but I was shocked that she knew the word, much less the disorder.

I left Kaylee and went to work.

Throughout the day, I kept thinking about her teacher knowing that word.

When I returned to pick her up, I asked her how she knew that word (after all, I never use that word because I usually have to explain to people what it is) and she stated that she is a nursing student!

I am so blessed that God chose her to be Kaylee's teacher for the summer!

1 comment:

lana said...

I used to work for a group of hematologist... now I'm wondering what blood disorder she has. I hope her counts are ok and I'm glad her teacher is going to be able to watch out for her.

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