Friday, March 21, 2008


As you may know, we are homeless right now, so I am hijacking my best friends house for Kaylee's party tomorrow. I went over there this morning to get everything ready and was thinking about my little girl...

I was thinking about what a perfect fit she is for our family.

I was thinking about her birthmother...the sadness she must feel at this time, the desire she must have to know where her daughter is and what she looks like.

I was thinking about how lucky I am to get to plan a party for her.

I was thinking about the clueless comments people make about Kaylee's 'situation', 'How can a mother abandon her daughter?'. After all, we don't understand in America because we have the opportunity to choose abortion or adoption - both are culturally acceptable and legal (not saying that I support the former, just that it is an available option for a birth mom).

I was thinking about her birthmom having to make 'the choice'. Here are her options: 1. Abort the baby. 2. Carry the baby to term and keep her, knowing that, in her culture, girls are looked down upon and she could possibly be shunned by other family members. 3. Carry the baby to term and give her up for adoption publically and be arrested. 4. Carry the baby to term and risk everything (after all, if she is caught, she will go to prison) to find a place to abandon her...hoping and praying that someone finds her before she dies and takes her to an orphanage. What terrible choices those are! Aren't we glad Kaylee's birthmom chose number 4!

I was thinking about what a precious girl she is with such a great personality and loving sprit!

Amongst all these thoughts were the thoughts of how I will respond to what Kaylee's birthmom (and so many others) did. These are my decisions:

I will make a point at this time each year to thank God for Kaylee's birthmom and the tough choice she had to make at the time of Kaylee's birth.

I will make it a point to teach my daughter that her birthmom was a brave, loving woman who risked everything so that her daughter could live and have a loving family.

I will continue to pray for China...that the government will open their eyes and see that their 'one pregnancy' law is hurting more than it is helping.

I will continue to thank my God for the wonderful work He is doing. He is continuing to place these beautiful babies in loving homes all around the nation!

Will you pray with me?

Happy Birthday Kaylee!

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Barbara Elliott said...

I want you to know that I cried when I read this post - how true that Kaylee's birthmom was brave! I am so thankful for our friendship and for your precious family! Love you mucho!!


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