Friday, January 25, 2008

Praise the Lord!

I just received the call I have been waiting for...the hemotologist's office called to let us know that the 2 tests from yesterday came back normal!

Normal spleen, no masses in her chest!

What does this mean? We will act as normal. We will go in for blood checks (about every 2 weeks). If her platelets are above 20,000 and she has had no accidents that cause injuries, we do nothing. If either of the prior happen, we do a round of steroids to boost the platelets.

We are praising God that she is fine. We know that He is the Great Physician and has chosen this path for our daughter.

Please offer prayers of thanksgiving to our Great Creator!

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Anonymous said...

cammie, you might enjoy reading Kendras blog. have you heard from her yet? aunt Rhonda
ps, i do have a user name and password, but some reason it thinks i dont, so i have to leave my comments under the heading anonymous,,,,

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