Sunday, January 06, 2008

Massive Nose Bleeds and Doctor Visits

Well, in the last month or so, Kaylee has had 2 massive nose bleeds.

After the first one, I thought, "That was odd. I guess I need to watch her and see what happens."

After the second one, I thought, "Yup...I will me making an appointment with the doctor."

So, of we went to see our pediatrician. He didn't seem bothered by the nose bleeds. He told us to get a humidifier and use some saline spray. Then, kind of off the cuff, he decided to run some tests...because we don't know any family history.

Then, a few days later, we get the results, that our pediatrician thought was a mistake. Low platelets, but red and white counts are fine. He thought the lab had let the blood clot before running the tests. So, let's do them again...

Then, a few days later, we get results again. Low platelets...everything else is fine.

So, the pediatrician calls us back to his office. He basically lets us know that this condition, ITP, was probably triggered by her RSV. The body started by attacking the virus and then began to attack itself. He also refered us to a hemotologist to see what the plan of action will be.

We will be going there tomorrow. We will keep you informed...

*UPDATE: After the appointment today, the Dr. wants to run some more tests to determine the cause of the low platelets. We will do an ultrasound of her abdomen to determine whether or not her spleen is enlarged and a chest x-ray to determine if there are any masses. These tests have not been scheduled yet. Please pray for God's hand in this process.

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