Tuesday, November 06, 2007

National Adoption Month

Happy Adoption Month!

Who would have ever thought that I would know that November is National Adoption Month?

You see, this wasn't in my human plan. Not that I was against adoption, but that was for other families. I didn't want to adopt and raise someone else's 'problem'.

Sounds closed-minded, huh?

Yup, it was!

God had other plans. He introduced the thought of adoption through the possibility of adopting a relative's child. I mean, after all, it was a relative's child...I couldn't let someone else raise it! Then, He let that fall through...not the feeling of wanting to adopt, but the adopting of this relative's child. My heart had softened to adoption. I now knew that this was God's plan for our family.

But now, I had to take this to my husband. Who I knew would not like the idea!

Or so I thought! When I talked to him about it, he said that he had always wanted more than one child! I truly believe that God had softened his heart too because, although he had always said he wanted more than one child, he had also said that he never wanted to adopt.

So, the journey began...and 2 years after 'conception' we brought our daughter home. We would not change a thing! Yes, it's been crazy, yes, tensions run high at times, but we have the most beautiful, perfect daughter ever!

I challenge you to think about adoption. I challenge you to tell your friends and family. There are so many children that need a loving family...and so many families that need a loving child. Adoption truly is a great choice for making families.

Remember, God is in control. He chose your children before you were even on this earth...whether they come from the seed of your body, or through the seed of a set of burth parents. He knows, He has chosen them for you.

Trust God, adopt a child!

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