Monday, April 09, 2007

On the Move!

I have been a bit remiss in keeping you updated on this.

We have been working with a physical therapist and occupational therapist for about 3 weeks. Kaylee has been 'commando crawling' for about 2 weeks. She is quite cute dragging herself across the floor. She has been working on holding her weight on her knees. She would hold herself up for a few seconds and then fall back to her belly. She has also been feeding herself for a few weeks. She will grab the food with her whole hand and work it around on her face until it finally lands in her mouth...or on the floor. We are still working on the pincher grasp.

Well, last night, another break thru! I was in the bathroom with her sitting on the floor, when she decided to, not commando, hands and knees!! She went 3 'crawls' and then fell back to her belly. This morning, she has pretty much used her hands and knees all morning. I took a picture while she was 'upright'.

Thank you all for your prayers. Please keep them up. Kaylee is making progress, but still has a long way to go.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how much I love this blog! It really makes me feel like I am there and watching her grow. I miss all of you so much and I hate that I am missing Kaylee doing all her "new" things. I really love all the pictures you post on this blog. Her 1 year old pictures are beautiful!!! (If you have any extra's, don't forget about me!)

Love you guys,
Lecia Cosand

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