Friday, April 06, 2007


Well, everyone said it would happen...and I believed them...but it still shocked me when it did happen!

Yesterday was the day of stupid comments!

The first one happened at church. When someone came up and said, "She's so cute. Is she Chinese or Korean?" My thought: "Hellooo, she's American, you nincompoop!" My answer: "She came from China."

The second one happened at the grocery store. I am shopping for Easter when one of the clerks says, "Oh, she's so pretty! Does she look like her dad?" My thought: "Well, at the sperm bank, they don't let you see pictures of the donors." My answer: "I don't know (awkward silence while I look at her like she's nuts), we adopted her from China."

Of course, there is the previous comment of', "Do you think she is babbling in English or Chinese?" My thought: "Oh my goodness! Are you serious??? I don't think babble has a language origin!!!!! IT"S BABBLE!!!!!" My answer: "I believe she is just babbling, not in any certain language."

Ugh people! I must say, I have learned to think before I speak thru this process! I know, that makes some of you laugh, but I really have!

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