Tuesday, December 26, 2006


We left Lanzhou this morning and arrived in Guangzhou at about 3pm. We now feel as though we are back in civilization! They have a no smoking hotel, people speak English, you can see the sun, the weather is about 75 degrees. What a relief. We were beginning to melt down in Kaylee's province and now we feel as though we can make it the 4 days needed to complete the adoption process.

I plan on doing some serious retail therapy tomorrow. There are many places by the hotel to buy things. We are going on a tour tomorrow afternoon and then to the pearl market.

More pictures tomorrow!


Michelle said...

She's adorable...The girls and I can't wait to meet her in person...hang in there...give Jake a kiss for me. We love you all!!

Anonymous said...

HUGS... just a little longer you can do it. Sending you all big hugs from San Antonio.


Anonymous said...

cab not wait for all 4 of you to come home. love mom

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