Monday, November 13, 2006

Getting to Know Our Daughter Better

This past Friday, we received a bit more information about our daughter. We received a 'Growth Report' on Kaylee. This is all the information they have on her. The highlights from this report are:

On March 28, 2006, She was found on the side of the road by a gentleman on his way to the market...she seemed about 8 days old. He contacted the police department and attempts were made to find her birth parents. They were not found and the baby was confirmed to be abandoned. She was sent to her SWI (Social Welfare Institute - orphanage) on April 10th, 2006. It's amazing to me that at this point, God knew exactly who her parents would be! He knew that when those desperate birth parents placed that tiny baby on the side of the road, some other desperate parents, on the other side of the earth, would love her and take care of her!

When she got to the SWI, they did not have any information about her having a name. They named her Liang Wan Mao. Liang because the SWI is in Pingliang city, Wan means euphemisitc and Mao indicates flourish.

At 20 days old, the SWI doctor examined her and found her to be healthy, but lacking nutrition. Her weight was 4.4 lbs (yes, at 20 days!), length was 17.7, head circumference was 13 inches and chest size was 12.6 inches.

At her 3 month checkup, she weighed 7.7 lbs, height 19.7 inches. She could roll over and hold her head up. She could follow moving toys, people and sound. She could also lift her chest when lying on her stomach. Have you seen the size of our family?? This child is so teeny! A friend of ours refers to this as 'Kaylee in the land of Giants!"

Then, at 5 months old, her wieght is 12 lbs, her height is 23.64 inches. She is a good eater and sleeps well. She is eating conjee, steamed egg and steamed bread along with her formula. She will not know what to do with 'real' food! She is playful, alert and smart. She likes to smile, listening to music and playing with toys. She can distinguish between strangers and acquaintances!

Please continue to pray for our little Kaylee-girl! We do not know travel dates yet, but will post more information as we receive it!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including us on your blog. I can't wait to hear a date from you! We are praying for you, and asking God to help you "Hold Fast" as you wait. We know EXACTLY how you feel.
Gayla & gang

Darrell & AJ said...

How wonderful for both you and your new daughter. May all your lives be blessed with love, health, happiness and the love of Christ.
Darrell and AJ Scott

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