Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Job Offer

March 15, 2006
It has been a whirlwind of a week! Cammie has been working at the church this week filling in for the receptionist. One of the calls that came to the church was from our social worker, Mara. She needed directions to the church to post for the upcoming 'Waiting Families' dinner. Along in the conversation, she asked if Cammie had seen that our adoption agency was loooking for a Regional Office person in San Antonio. Cammie had seen the website ahwile back, and thought it would be interesting, but did not reply because Kaylee is not here yet, and so our adoption experience is limited. Well, Mara stated that she did not think that would be a problem and wanted Cammie to talk with Lindsay at the agency. Lindsay and Cammie ended up having a 40 minute phone interview today and it seems as though Cammie may be working for our adoption agency soon! If she accepts the position, she would be holding local workshops, helping parents with various questions throughout the process, setting up 'Waiting Family' dinners and the like. We will keep you informed about whether or not this pans out.

April 5, 2006
Well, Cammie took the job! She is now the Regional Director for Great Wall China Adoption Agency. It should be a lot of fun! Her first official event is tomorrow night. Great Wall is having a "Waiting Families' dinner tomorrow night. Pray that all goes well.
Another great thing is that we got an email yesterday that stated we are in the "Matching Room'! This is the last official step! This is the place where the CCAA matches our papers with a daughter that they believe will belong in our family...our Kaylee. Now, June and July 2005 are also in the Matching Room with us. We are at the bottom of the list. Now, our agency just received all the referrals for May 2005 (at the beginning of April), so...if things continue at this rate, we will know Kaylee by the beginning of July. Please know that the speed with which dossiers go through the process is totally up to the Chinese government. Things could slow down, or speed up, and we have no control over that. All of that to say, we are hoping to know Kaylee at the beginning of July and travel to get her at the end of August!

Keep is getting more real!!!!

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