Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jake's Birthday

April 18, 2005
Today is Jake's birthday. His party went well. We can't wait until Kaylee is part of the fun! The first thing we did today was to get our passports. We received David's birth certificate this past Saturday. Now we are waiting on a letter from David's boss that verifies his employment, salary and so on. Once we receive that, we will be able to send our papers in for certification. Certification is the process by which each document is sent to the Secretary of State corresponding with where it originates, for them to verify that it is a legal document and that the notary that stamped it is a true person.

We will also be sending our I600A (and its $660 fee) soon. This is the document that grants us permission from the US government to adopt a foreign child.


Anonymous said...

Jake's birthday and all this talk about Kaylee - how quickly it is stated that his party went well but notes that it was missing Kaylee. What does this little fella have to do to be the star for the day? His party and the rest of the day consumed with details for Kaylee. I would caution you - with such preoccupation on a child that is not yet with you, how does Jake feel that he ranks? He appears to be living in the shadow of someone that isn't there.

Cammie said...

Wow!! I thought my friends were reading this blog!!!! Whoever this is, I would appreciate it if you would contact me...or at least use your name when you post comments that question my parenting. If you knew our family at all, you would know that our son is not at all lacking in self-esteem or in being the star for the day! He is our star and he knows it! I could go on and on about your uneducated post, but I will wait until you are grown enough to post your name before I waste any more time!!

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